ColorPlay First Deposit Bonus 100%


Colorplay First Deposit Bonus
《First Deposit 50000 100% give back》

ColorPlay First Deposit Bonus

ColorPlay First Deposit Bonus

First Deposit Bonus 50000 at ColorPlay would have 100% given back! Join us now and take advantage of online casino games and get the casino bonus !

ColorPlay First Deposit Bonus 100%

First Deposit Rule

Reach the deposit target amount【10000P】、【20000P】、【30000P】、【40000P】、【50000P】above could get 100% deposit bonus one time, highest bonus up to 150,000P.

How to Get First Deposit Bonus?

  1. You could only get 100% promotion by deposit 10000P-50000P
  2. 15xTO and Level are not limited.

First Deposit Bonus Terms & Conditions

  1. Deposit minimum of 10000 – 50000 PHP.
  2. One time reward 100% up to 50000 PHP.
    (All target deposit bonuses you could get is a total 150,000P.)
  3. Each member is only able to apply for the promotion once.
  4. You may withdraw when it reaches a 15x turnover(wagering) requirement. ( deposit amount + deposit bonus ) × 15.
  5. You could only get 100% promotion by ColorPlay  online casino deposit.

Colorplay 首次儲值50000回饋100%首儲優惠




  1. 需存款10000P-50000P才可獲得100%首儲優惠。
  2. 娛樂城優惠禮金須達15倍流水,且娛樂城會員級別不受限制。


  1. 存款最低為10000-50000 PHP。
  2. 一次性獎勵100%,最高為50000 PHP。 (可獲娛樂城彩金最高為150,000P。)
  3. 每位會員只能申請一次該娛樂城優惠。
  4. 達到投注額15倍時,即可以申請娛樂城出金。(存款金額+存款獎金)×15。
  5. 會員僅能通過ColorPlay存款來獲得優惠條件。