ColorPlay Register Free Bonus 60 PHP


ColorPlay Register Free Bonus
《New Registration Get 60 PHP》

ColorPlay Register Free Bonus 60 PHP-ebcasino

ColorPlay Register Free Bonus 60 PHP-ebcasino

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ColorPlay Register Free Bonus 60 PHP

How to Get Colorplay Online Casino Free Bonus ?

  • Members who complete ColorPlay register an account and successfully enter the otp, the system will send a prize of 60 PHP.
  • Each member is only able to apply for it once.
  • Only for【Slots】【Fishing】these two types of games

Terms & Conditions

  1. Online casino Members must achieve a 20X turnover.
  2. Members can redeem a maximum of 200 credits.
  3. Abusing promotions, creating multiple or fraudulent accounts, and violating betting policies will result in locked accounts and forfeited deposits without prior notice.
  4. Colorplay reserves the right to modify, alter, discontinue, cancel, refuse, or void promotions at its sole discretion.

ColorPlay 免費 娛樂城體驗金


  1. 會員完成ColorPlay註冊並成功輸入OTP(一次性密碼),系統將送出60PHP的娛樂城體驗金
  2. 每位會員僅能申請一次。
  3. 僅適用於【老虎機】【捕魚機】這兩種遊戲。


  • 會員最多可兌換200個點數。
  • 若會員濫用娛樂城優惠、建立多個或欺詐帳戶,以及違反投注政策,將會不另事先通知立即鎖定帳戶並沒收存款。
  • Colorplay保留單方面修改、更改、停止、取消、拒絕或作廢娛樂城體驗金的權利。