PPGaming 10% Daily Deposit Bonus


PPGaming Casino Deposit Bonus

《Daily Bonus 10% up to 1000!》

PPGaming Casino Deposit Bonus Daily Bonus 10 up to 1000-ebcasino

PPGaming Casino Deposit Bonus Daily Bonus 10 up to 1000-ebcasino

PPGaming the leading online casino in the Philippines. Join daily casino bonus on your initial deposit! Deposit 50 PHP or more and enjoy a 10% deposit bonus every day. Sign up pp gaming now to get your daily bonus!

PPGaming Daily Deposit Bonus Rules

  1. Minimum deposit: 50 PHP.
  2. Bonus amount: 10% of the deposit, up to 1000 PHP.
  3. Casino bonus would receive the first deposit of the day.
  4. Withdrawal allowed when reaching a 12x turnover requirement.
    (deposit amount + deposit bonus) × 12.

PPGaming Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions

  1. The member who apply for the promotion should be verified.
    (If necessary, PPGaming have the right to ask member to offer the identify information.)
  2. The promotion is only for  the member who have their own segregated account. Every account, every address, every Email address, every phone number, every pay method(the same credit card/ bank account/GCASH), every IP could only apply for one account.
  3. If the member join one or more promotions, and get the reward from one of them, it won’t let you complete the mission at the same time, the system would calculate it separately.( no mater the mission is to reach the betting amount/ the deposit amount…etc.)
  4. If the member was verified abuse/ don’t qualify for getting the rewards by customer service or system, PPGaming has the right to suspend, cancel the promotion and take the reward you got from the promotion back.
  5. PPGaming online casino has the right to check all the betting record. If the members violate the rules or get profit for arbitrage, PPGaming would stop their right to get the profit from promotion.
  6. PPGaming reserves the right of final explanation. PPGaming have the right to revise, stop or cancel this promotion.
  7. The member who join the promotion should follow the rules of this promotion and the rules on the official website. Please kindly respect other member’s rights and interests, do not waste the resource of PPGaming online casino.
  8. If you have any questions, please kindly contact the customer service.

PP Gaming每日存款優惠規則

最低存款:50 PHP。
獎金金額:存款的 10%,最高 1000 PHP。

  • 娛樂城優惠將發放於存款後隔一日。
  • 提款須達到 12 倍流水。

PPGaming 存款優惠條注意事項

  • 申請娛樂城優惠的會員應經過驗證。
  • 此優惠活動僅適用於擁有自己獨立帳戶的會員。
  • 如果會員參加一項或多項促銷活動,並獲得其中一項獎勵,則不會同時完成任務,系統會單獨計算。(無論任務是否達到投注金額 / 存款金額…等)
  • 如經客服或系統核實會員存在濫用行為/不符合領取獎勵資格,PPGaming有權暫停、取消活動並收回您在活動中獲得的獎勵。
  • PPGaming有權檢查所有投註記錄。 如果會員違反規則或通過仲裁獲取利潤,PPGaming將停止其獲取推廣利潤的權利。
  • PPGaming保留最終解釋權。 PPGaming 有權修改、停止或取消本次活動。
  • 參與活動的會員應遵守本活動規則及官網規則。 請尊重其他會員的權益,不要浪費PPGaming的資源。