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《 Slot Games Ranking Event》

PPGaming Slot Games Ranking Event-EB.CASINO

PPGaming Slot Games Ranking Event-EB.CASINO

The PPGaming Slot Games Tiger Ranking event is approaching! Get ready for an online casino bonus of up to 95,000!Join us and playing slot machines now!

PPGaming Slot Games Ranking Event

Slot Games Bonus Participate Guide:

Members who play SLOTS games reach the specified multiples and get on the list can get an additional 【10,000】 bonus from Tiger Ranking Surprise Prize!

Reach Target Bonus Reward Distribution
10,000 50,000 (equally) Among members who reach the target odds
7,500 25,000 (equally) Among members who reach the target odds
5,500 10,000 (equally) Among members who reach the target odds
No member reach Accumulated Bonus Carried forward to the next event

PPGaming Slot Games Bonus Information:

  • Keep playing on PPGaming to increase your chances of winning.
  • PPGaming offers opportunities for everyone to win big prizes.
  • During this casino bonus event, irregular bonuses will be provided in the Telegram group and agent Facebook.
  • Stay subscribed to ensure you don’t miss out on any PPGaming promotions.

Event Rules:

  • The Tiger Ranking event rewards members based on their accumulated points.
  • Rankings are updated every 15 minutes.
  • Only members who have completed their first-time deposit are eligible for the Tiger Ranking.
  • The free 60 Welcome Bonus are not allowed to join this event.
  • The champion who reaches the target multiple will receive a surprise Jackpot bonus of 95,000.
  • For the top 1st-10th members in the Tiger Ranking, apply for the total bonus by contacting Live Chat before 2023/06/18.
  • Members ranking from 11th-50th will receive their bonuses in their INBOX before 2023/06/18.(The prize winner list will be published on the game notice, and qualification will be valid for one week.
  • To protect personal information, the prize winner account and transfer list will be released in the official Telegram group without any personal details
  • If you’re not a member of the Telegram group, contact Live Chat to join and stay updated on promotions.
  • Members can make a withdrawal after completing a turnover of 1x
  • All promotions adhere to the rules stated on the PPGaming official website.

PPGaming 老虎機排名 電子優惠



目標 獎金獎勵 分配方式
10,000 50,000 平均分配給達到目標倍數的會員
7,500 25,000 平均分配給達到目標倍數的會員
5,500 10,000 平均分配給達到目標倍數的會員
無會員達到 累積獎金 將匯入下一次娛樂城優惠階段


  • 持續在PPGaming玩老虎機遊戲,越有機會贏得獎勵。
  • PPGaming每位會員皆可參與。
  • 在此娛樂城優惠活動期間,Telegram群組和代理商Facebook將提供不規則的獎金。
  • 訂閱官方帳號,不錯過任何PPGaming促銷活動。


  • 老虎機排名活動根據會員累積的點數進行獎勵。
  • 排名每15分鐘更新一次。
  • 只有完成首次存款的會員才有資格參加老虎機排行榜。
  • 享有免費60元的新會員禮金不得參加此活動。
  • 達到目標倍數的冠軍將獲得一個驚喜大獎金95,000。
  • 在虎式排名中的前1-10名會員,請在2023/06/18之前通過在線聊天聯繫以申請總獎金。
  • 排名從第11-50名的會員將在2023/06/18之前在其收件箱中收到獎金。(獎品得獎名單將在遊戲公告中公布,資格將有效一週。 為了保護個人信息,獎品獲獎帳戶和轉帳清單將在官方Telegram群組中發布,不包含任何個人詳細信息。
  • 如果您還不是Telegram群組的成員,請聯繫在線聊天加入並獲取促銷活動的最新資訊。
  • 會員在完成1倍的投注額後可以進行提款。
  • 所有娛樂城優惠都遵守PPGaming官方娛樂城上的規則。