PPGaming Arcade Games Casino Bonus


PPGaming Turnover Casino Bonus
《Arcade Games Bonus》

PPGaming Arcade Games Casino Bonus-ebcasino

PPGaming Arcade Games Casino Bonus-ebcasino

Don’t miss out the opportunity to join the PPGaming Online Arcade Games Turnover Casino Bonus! Start earning rewards in online casino games. Join PP Gaming now!

Arcade Games Casino Bonus Information

  1. Accumulated turnover during the event.
  2. PPGming promotions event will recalculated every week, Starting from Monday and ending on Sunday.

Casino Bonus Calculate method

Each arcade mission,completing a turnover of 600 in each casino games will immediately reward you with 30 PHP.

Arcade Games Casino Bonus Instructions

  • You can withdrawal your earnings when turnover reaches 10x each arcade mission.
  • To claim the reward,you must complete each Arcade mission in three games.

Casino Bonus Notice

  • Meeting all the conditions mentioned above, the awarded amount will be promptly sent to your player’s wallet.
  • Each PPGaming member can only receive one reward per Arcade mission.


  • 活動期間累計成交額。
  • PPGming 優惠活動每週都會重新計算,從周一開始到週日結束。


每個電子遊戲任務,在每個娛樂城遊戲中完成 600 的營業額將立即獎勵您 30 PHP。


  • 當每個電子遊戲任務的營業額達到 10 倍時,您可以提取您的收入。
  • 要領取獎勵,您必須在三場遊戲中完成每個電子遊戲任務。


  • 滿足上述所有條件,獎勵金額將立即發送至您玩家的錢包。
  • 每個 PPGaming 會員每次電子遊戲任務只能獲得一份獎勵。