PPGaming Online Sabong Casino Bonus


PPGaming Turnover Casino Bonus
《Online Sabong Free Bonus》

PPGaming Online Sabong Casino Bonus-eb.casino

PPGaming Online Sabong Casino Bonus-eb.casino

Experience the excitement of PPGaming online casino and engage in thrilling casino games . When Online Sabong turnover reaches 880,will get 88 PHP Casino Bonus !

PPGaming Online Sabong Casino Bonus

Bonus Times :

  1. Calculate members accumulate amounts during the event.
  2. PPGaming would recalculate every week .
    (Promotion starte from Monday ,end on Sunday.)

Casino Bonus Method :

Online sabong (cockfighting) mission turnover reaches 880, member will get 88 PHP immediately.

How to Get Online Sabong Casino Bonus ?

  1. Complete online sabong mission in PPGaming.
  2. Members achieve online sabong (cockfighting) mission rules, PPGaming Online Casino will send money to the wallet immediately.

PPGaming Bonus Terms & Conditions

  1. Each member can only receive one reward in one online casino sabong mission.
  2. Members can withdraw when it reaches 25xTO.
  3. The delay time for cockfight betting will complete within 30 minutes.
  4. PPGaming would send betting profits after returning to the system
  5. Betting【DRAW】not be a valid bet.

PPGaming 鬥雞娛樂城返水優惠




如果在鬥雞運彩投注額達到 880 PHP,會立即獲得 88 PHP 的獎金。


完成 PPGaming 的鬥雞娛樂城遊戲返水任務。

成員達到規定後,PPGaming 會立即派發彩金。


  • 每位會員僅能在線上娛樂城中領取一次鬥雞返水娛樂城優惠
  • 當達到 25 倍投注額時,會員可以進行提款。
  • 鬥雞比賽時間不超過 30 分鐘。
  • PPGaming 會在賭注回到系統後再發送賭注利潤。
  • 投注【和局】將不被視為有效投注。