PPGaming 0.2% Daily Casino Bonus


PPGaming Casino Bonus

《0.2% Daily Rebate Diamonds》

PPGaming Casino Bonus 02 Daily Rebate Diamonds -ebcasino

PPGaming Casino Bonus 02 Daily Rebate Diamonds -ebcasino

PPGaming offers the online casino bonus where you can receive a daily bonus 0.2% based on your turnover. This means that the more online casino games you play, the more Diamond Points you get!

Casino Bonus Rules:

  • Calculate Turnover time from 00:00 to 23:59 of the next day.
  • The calculation method :
    Diamond point = Turnover x 0.2% (more than 1),and multiply by 8800.
  • The distribution time is 00:00 every day the next day.
  • Diamond Points can be exchanged for cash at the Diamond Shop.

Payment terms:

This Casino Bonus are no restrictions on payment terms.

Terms and Casino Bonus Conditions:

  • PPGAMING reserves the right to modify, alter, discontinue, cancel, refuse, or void at its sole discretion.




  • 鑽石點=成交額x 0.2%(大於1),再乘以8800。
  • 發放時間為每天次日00:00。
  • 鑽石積分可以在鑽石商店兌換現金。


  • 返水優惠沒有付款條件限制。
  • PPGaming 保留自行決定修改、更改、終止、取消、拒絕或作廢的權利。