PPGaming Fishing Game Casino Bonus


PPGaming Casino Turnover Bonus
《Fishing Game Bonus》

PPGaming Fishing Game Casino Bonus-ebcasino

PPGaming Fishing Game Casino Bonus-ebcasino

Join fishing game missions at PPGaming and get rewarded with casino bonus. Discover online casino games and indulge in the online casino free bonus offered at PPG Fish Gaming!

Fishing Game Casino Bonus Rules

Casino Bonus Times

  1. Calculate members accumulate amounts during the event.
  2. PPGaming would recalculate every week ,promotion Started from Monday end to Sunday.

Fishing Game Casino Bonus Method

The turnover of each fishing game mission is 300,1000,4800.

※After completing the turnover, member will get casino bonus immediately.
(30,100,480 PHP )

How to Get a Fishing Game Casino Bonus?

  1. Complete fish gaming mission in PPGaming
  2. Members achieve fish gaming mission rules, PPGaming Online Casino will send money to the wallet immediately.

PPGaming Fishing Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions

  1. Each member can only receive one reward in one fishing mission.
  2. Members can withdraw when it reaches 8x, turnover.
  3. Members must complete three casino games per fishing mission to receive rewards.



  • 計算活動期間會員累積金額。
  • PPGaming每週都會重新計算,返水娛樂城優惠從周一至週日開始。



(30,100,480 菲律賓比索)


  • 在 PPGaming 中完成捕魚游戲任務
  • 會員達成捕魚游戲任務規則,PPGaming將立即將資金發送至錢包。

PPGaming 捕魚返水注意事項

  • 每位會員在一次釣魚任務中只能獲得一份獎勵。
  • 會員達到0x、12x、0x流水後即可提現。
  • 每個釣魚任務會員必須完成三場賭場遊戲才能獲得獎勵。